The 2020 Summit offers two immersive and engaging days of keynotes, workshops, interactive panels, and community-building networking and unforgettable culinary experiences. Our panels of academics, industry experts and youth activists will leave you inspired, activated for change and optimistic about the future of this planet.

8:00 AM
Breakfast, Wellness, Registration And Networking

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9:30 AM

10:30 AM
Energy Breakout Session
Josh Brooks, Lily Donge

Featuring leaders from Rocky Mountain Institute, Freewire Tech and more, this breakout will discuss the powerful ways we can rethink energy and shift the way we produce and consume power for the future.

10:30 AM
Financing Climate Solutions

This panel, featuring Stan Stalnaker, will explore the many ways the financial sector can elevate and support emerging climate solutions. Additional speakers to be confirmed.

10:30 AM
Inconspicuous Consumption Book Signing
Tatiana Schlossberg

Tatiana Schlossberg will be sharing her new book, Inconspicuous Consumption, and will host a conversation about the topics explored and book signing.

11:00 AM
Networking & Core Ground Exploration

Great things come from connections. You'll have the opportunity to network, and to explore the Core, Grounded's showcase for new and inspiring change-makers, solutions, and companies.

12:30 PM

1:45 PM
Drawdown’s #1 Solution
Chad Frischmann, Jerome Ringo

Refrigerant management is the #1 Drawdown solution. HFC’s have 1,000x to 9,000x greater capacity to warm the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. Chad Frischmann, VP of Project Drawdown will be joined by Jerome Ringo, an environmental justice leader, to address energy security and solutions to the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

1:45 PM
Ocean Health
Vasser Seydel

Hosted by Vasser Seydel, we will learn about the most urgent environmental disaster that no one is talking about, deep seabed mining, and what we have to do in the next four months to stop it.

2:20 PM
Moving Meditation With Natalie Kuhn, Hosted By Futurewell

3:25 PM
Lead Sponsor Bank Of The West Introduces Video By Bill Mc Kibben, 350.Org
Bill McKibben

3:35 PM
Innovative Solutions 1
Chad Frischmann, Shara Ticku

This innovative solutions panel will dive into reimagined and positively disruptive energy and raw materials manufacturing. Led by moderator, Alex Kopelyan, we will explore the solutions and the dynamic considerations of economics and market viability. More speakers to be announced.

4:20 PM
Networking & Core Ground Exploration

Great things come from connections. You'll have the opportunity to network, and to explore the Core, Grounded's showcase for new and inspiring change-makers, solutions, and companies.

5:00 PM
Regenerative Agriculture
Finian Makepeace

Regenerative agriculture is one of the most powerful climate solutions. It enhances and sustains the soil health by restoring its carbon content, which in turn improves productivity, holds water and actually draws carbon down from the atmosphere to safely store in the ground. In this panel featuring Finnian Makepeace, Co-Founder of Kiss the Ground, and more speakers to be announced, we will explore the possibilities of regenerative agriculture and how it is one of the greatest opportunities to address the climate crisis.

5:45 PM
Climate Diplomacy
Rafael Pacchiano, Johanna Partin

Vertical integration and multi level Governments at all levels play a central role in our ability to address the climate crisis, create pathways for successful solutions and deliver on the Paris Objectives. In this panel, we will explore how policy changes, global cooperation, and shared investment can we create massive support for solutions. What has proven successful and what has failed? What next steps are needed to meet the IPCC timeline with all levels of governments involved? Leaders will join us to discuss the action that they are taking and what is necessary to shift our trajectory.

6:35 PM
Drinks & Networking

7:30 PM
Seated Dinner

8:00 AM
Breakfast And Networking

9:50 AM
Food Solutions

Food and land use systems are leading sources of the greenhouse gas emissions - which means there are a plethora of solutions within the food space that can make an impact on the climate crisis. Agriculture and food systems initiatives offer opportunities to transform food production systems. How can we create food alternatives and rethink the food industry to be a regenerative one?

11:30 AM
Corporate Responsibility
Katie Jackson

To achieve the Paris Agreement goals and peak emissions by 2030, private sector leaders have a pivotal role as companies contribute to more than 70% of the global emissions. Brave and responsible leaders will share how they are paving the way in generating the necessary transformational paradigm shifts in the global economy and supply chains.

12:15 PM

1:45 PM
Next Gen Leadership
Benji Backer, Saul Levin

Hear from youth leaders, Benji Backer, conservative activist and progressive activist Saul Levine, demonstrating climate is not a partisan issue.

1:45 PM
Women In Climate
Danielle Azoulay, Amy Keller

Join inspirational women leaders to hear about the ways women are leading the climate solutions movement. Featuring Danielle Azoulay, Amy Keller and more TBA

3:50 PM
Kiss The Ground Compost Workshop

Have you ever been curious about composting? This breakout will teach you how to begin your own composting journey.

3:50 PM
Mit Co Lab
Kathleen Kennedy

Kathleen Kennedy, Executive Director from MIT Centre for Collective Intelligence, will lead interactive session with fashion leaders on emerging solutions.

3:50 PM
The Future Of Hope
Damon Gameau

Media is an incredible resource for shifting public perspective. Concerned for his daughter’s future, Damon Gameau, producer and director of the award-winning documentary ‘2040’, explores the world in search for solutions to climate change. Damon discusses what ‘could be’, instead of the dystopian future we are so often presented.

4:20 PM
Networking & Core Ground Exploration

Great things come from connections. You'll have the opportunity to network, and to explore the Core, Grounded's showcase for new and inspiring change-makers, solutions, and companies.

5:40 PM
Intersection Of Faith & Climate
Mindahi Bastida, Keely Shaye Brosnan, Wendy Johnson, Ken Kitatani, Gopal D. Patel

Faiths share common messages and moral threads that converge on climate morality. We will hear from leaders from diverse faiths and backgrounds to discuss the intersection of faith and climate in this panel, moderated by Keely Brosnan.

6:30 PM
Closing Remarks

7:00 PM
Drinks & Dinner & Entertainment

* Event schedule is subject to change.

“We don’t want people to suffer from the climate crisis to realize we are in a crisis.”

Xiye Bastida
Youth Activist and Grounded Speaker

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