Our friends at Kiss the Ground, in partnership with Commune, just launched a free course that's available through September 18th, and it's a great resource for anyone interested in advocating for a regenerative planet. For many decades, humans have had a degenerative relationship with nature and now we find our planet at threat. But we have the capacity to change our behaviors for ones that could shift the trajectory and ensure a safe, habitable Earth. It's a massive endeavor, requiring radical and urgent change, but it's possible.

Regenerative agricultural practices have immense potential. When we make global changes that impact inflection points, like the way our food is grown, we can heal our world from the ground up, sequestering carbon as we go instead of releasing it, replenishing water sources instead of polluting and wasting them, and creating a collaborative thriving world.

The more we know how we to start those changes, the better. That's where this course, Soil is the Climate Solution, comes in. It's free (through September 19th, 2019), and is designed for anyone who is interested in advocating for the regeneration of our planet. Through 10 under-20-minute sessions hosted by Kiss the Ground Co-Founder and Advocacy Director, Finian Makepeace, are perfect for beginners, as a refresher, or as inspiration to those deep in this space to learn more about regenerative practices. To sign up, visit their website.