Grounded Summit 2019 was designed to integrate nature throughout and to do so in a thoughtful, regenerative way. We wanted to be vigilantly aware of our environmental impact and re-use everything we could. Rana Creek Design worked with us to create living designs featuring native plants for every space. After the event, we were thrilled to donate the plants to Conservation Corps North Bay (CCNB).

America’s first local youth conservation corps, CCNB has helped nearly 12,000 young people improve their lives, while serving their local communities and the environment in Marin and Sonoma counties. CCNB offers one of the few Bay Area job training programs that pays a  higher-than-minimum wage for their participation, while helping them address the most fundamental barriers to employment and access critical social services.

We are inspired by CCNB’s commitment to climate resiliency. Community safety through climate resiliency has become a top priority for CCNB’s North Bay’s partners, and they all need expanded support in order to complete critical climate adaptation and mitigation projects. Through various projects, including post-fire erosion control, flood mitigation, education in carbon farming, and shoreline protection, CCNB’s corpsmembers will learn about public land management  and gain deeper understanding of how to mitigate and adapt to the realities of climate change.

The CCNB team will use the Grounded Summit plants to teach water wise landscaping and carbon farming, as well as for other training projects in Marin and Sonoma counties. We are honored to support these unique learning opportunities and to give these local plants a new home where they will grow and thrive for years to come.