Julia Jackson attends COP 25 in Madrid to join a panel titled, “Circular Economy and the connection to Climate Change.” Joining environmental leader William McDonough and other industry experts, the panel explored the Circular Economy’s role in changing the way we live and its important role in addressing the climate crisis.

With 45% of global emissions come from the production of physical goods, changing the current take-make-waste linear model could bring incredible change in the very near future. The choice is up to us. As Jackson said, “ Do we want to have a livable planet or to continue business as usual? I choose an equitable, circular and regenerative economy that sustains life on earth.”

The panel included Antonia Gawel, Head of Circular Economy Initiative, World Economic Forum, Guillermo González, Head of the Circular Economy Office, Ministry of Environment Chile, Jocelyn Blériot, Executive Lead Institutions, Governments & Cities, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Julia Jackson, Founder of Grounded, Krista Mikkonen, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Finland Roald Lapperre, Vice-Minister for the Environment and International Affairs Netherlands, and William McDonough, Chief Executive, McDonough Innovation.

To view the presentation and conversation in its entirety, click here.