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The Grounded Foundation empowers data-driven, forward seeking organizations and individuals working on the highest-level solutions to climate change. Your tax deductible gift will be invested in existing solutions to preserve the Arctic and permafrost, regions that are critical to maintaining global ecosystems and are melting at overwhelming rates.

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The Paris Climate Accord

99.9% of scientists agree: the world is warming due to greenhouse gas emissions from human causes. These gas emissions trap heat in the atmosphere, causing the polar ice caps to melt an average global temperatures to rise. In 2015, world leaders made a pact to limit global average temperature rise to a degree that would allow for a familiar standard of living – 2° Celsius.


  • Decreased water availability, increasing drought in many regions
  • Increased wildfire risk, flooding events, and storm damage
  • Increased burden from malnutrition, diarrhea, cardio-respiratory, and infectious diseases
  • Increased risk of extinction for 20-30% of known species
  • Increasing mortality from heat waves, floods, and droughts
  • Most corals bleached
  • Sea level rise due to ice melt


    ALL OF THE ABOVE plus...
  • Major changes in natural systems cause predominantly negative consequences for biodiversity, water and food supplies
  • Widespread coral mortality
  • Increasing rate of sea level rise
  • Flooding risk increases every year, impacting millions
  • Low-lying coastal regions and small islands at risk of disappearing as sea levels rise significantly from Arctic melting
  • Irreparable reduction in staple crop yields, causing food security risks for various countries