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The Grounded team is small but powerful and growing. We have over 20 years of combined experience in the non-profit sector, working with leading global environmental organizations and foundations.

Our Advisors

Grounded maintains a strong relationship with out core group of incredible advisors. With these individuals we have the reach and impact of an organization many times our size.

We promise to talk less and do more
We promise to talk less and do more
We promise to talk less and do more
Julia Jackson - Founder
Julia Jackson

Julia Jackson is a climate activist committed to bringing together the brightest minds and leading solutionists to solve the climate crisis. In 2018, Julia founded Grounded.org, a non-profit organization working to identify and accelerate the most impactful solutions to ensure a livable planet. Today, Grounded convenes scientists, policymakers, world leaders, investors, activists and front-line organizations to share transformative ideas and co-invest in innovative solutions to address the climate crisis.

Deeply impacted by the California wildfires of 2017, Julia made the decision to shift from being an environmental philanthropist to a climate activist. As a convener on climate solutions, Julia has worked to forge strategic partnerships between thought-leading organizations such as One Earth, Sea Legacy, Amazon Frontlines, and many others, to create greater collaboration focused on immediate systemic change.

Julia has been featured as speaker at leading events hosted by the United Nations, Female Quotient and the Healers Collective, etc. and has appeared in top-tier media outlets including Forbes, The Hill, NPR and The Washington Post. She is a graduate of Scripps College.