The Grounded Summit

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Solutions for a Regenerative Planet
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2020 Summit
March 19-20, 2020
2019 Summit
30+ Speakers
280 Attendees
Grounded identifies, connects, and advances scalable climate crisis solutions. Through an annual summit, grants, and partnership, we accelerate the most substantive opportunities to create a regenerative planet. Our inaugural summit convened world leaders, executives, artists, scientists, and innovators to unite in shifting our trajectory and ensuring a livable planet.


We need solutions now. The timeline is short, and the solutions exist today. They are researched, and proven, but need the resources to scale so that they can have global impact and actually shift our trajectory. That’s where we come in. Grounded connects and scales to achieve our vision of a thriving planet: a stable climate, clean air, and healthy lands and seas.


2019-2020, we are focusing on preventing catastrophic consequences of the rapidly melting Arctic and permafrost. Keeping this critical ecosystem in a functioning state is vital for a habitable planet - and it is in need of interventions of epic proportions.

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2019 Summit Featured Speakers

30+ Speakers2 Days


Together, we promise to talk less and do more.

Julia Jackson, Founder, Grounded Summit

Grounded was founded to do something real and actionable to fundamentally shift the trajectory of climate change. It is the biggest problem we face. We must take radical action now because we did not make incremental change before.

We live in a dangerous moment where our climate is becoming a threat to humanity. My generation’s survival depends on this. That’s why Grounded is vigilantly focused on finding and accelerating solutions.

Total Carbon Budget Used Since 1870

2,187,258,868,7332.2 Trillion Tons CO2e

The IPCC estimates it could take fewer than 11 years for greenhouse gas emissions to cause a detrimental 1.5°C warming.1 We need solutions today.

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